A Gay Couple traveling | Autumn City Moments Copenhagen Karl & Daan on a photo-biking tour around the Danish Capital in October

Copenhagen in Autumn: Karl & Daan exploring the Danish capital Copenhagen by bike their short weekend stay in October. Warm and sunny weather made Copenhagen a perfect city to start the article series Gay Autumn City Moments Copenhagen. Only 83 km away from the Swedish city Malmö, Copenhagen is one of the favorite European cities for the gay couple. Coming from Amsterdam the biking capital of the world, Copenhagen is totally capable for a biking tour around stylish modern architecture, a lively history and beautiful fall colors. Jump on a bike and discover the beauty of autumn..

A One Day Bike Tour in Copenhagen

All over the city smaller and bigger bike rentals offer good rates for a day or more. A affordable alternative is the public bike system of Copenhagen: Bycyklen! Several bike spots all over the city offer you the opporunity to take one of those white city bikes with interactive GPS guiding system tablet to bike around the city for only 25 DKK per hour (3.35 € ). After checking in with a credit card, biking and parking was really comfortable especially when we wanted to capture some nice Autumn City Moments Copenhagen.

Modern ArchitecturE - Islands Brygge

Everywhere in the Danish capital we discovered unique architecture and places where construction workers are busy with building even more of it. A good example is Copenhagen's Islands Brygge, where flats and office buildings as architectural landsmarks creating a unique feeling of current Modernism. Future made out of history: the Gemini Residence for instance as a former silo complex was converted into an apartment building by the Dutch architecture and design office MVRDV. If you are interested in modern architecture and buildings, Islands Brygge is a real good place to capture some architectural Autumn City Moments Copenhagen.

Gay Autumn City Moments Copenhagen

How is biking in Copenhagen?

We are from Amsterdam, so well prepared for driving in a city's traffic, even during rush hours. But due Copenhagen's modern infrastructure, the bike lanes inside and around the city center are cycling friendly, clearly signposted and equipped with bicycle lights. Stop where ever you want, take your autumn shot where ever you want, that's the motto. The clear blue of the sky and the countless water canals in combination with yeallow, brown and red colors of the trees.. What a beautiful autumn season 2015 in Copenhagen.

Hunting the Danish red white flag

We love to catch shots with national flags. What a pleasure to do so in Copenhagen! The Danish national flag in the backround or in the front of the motive looks simply amazing. Thanks to the Danish national pride, the are not really difficult to find. The red flag with the white cross in combination with one of the city treasures gives a bicycle tour a true pleasure for us as photographers. Therefore it doesn't really matter if your are trying to spot the right view in the busy shopping streets, along the riverside starting from Islands Brygge or the area around Christiana. Exploration will be honored, espeacially next to the main roads while taking a short cut through a yellow, golden and shining park.

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Our architectural favorites of Copenhagen

National Danish Opera House

Like a big glas ball with a hut: the national Danish Opera House right to the waterfront of the harbor is a magnificent piece of architecture. Designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen and built by the engineers Ramboll and Buro Happold, the building process was finished in 2004. 

Gay Autumn City Moments Copenhagen
Copenhagen Opera house & Danish flag

The Marsk headquarter

The architectural icon is a headquarter complex of a Danish company nowadays know as Maersk in the harbor of Copenhagen. We were again under the spell of this buidling finished in 1979. The interaction of the blue reflecting glas, the white grey structure of the walls the straight forward and simply architecture catpured from different perspectives is one of hour hightlights at Esplanaden of Copenhagen.

A small unspectacular something

As fans of Modernism we really like the vintage looking bridge towers in verdigris copper colors. Although our research about it brought limited results, we have to add pictures of them as part of our Autumn City Moments Copenhagen.

Gay Autumn City Moments Copenhagen
Copenhagen in Autumn

Gay Autumn City Moments Copenhagen

We hope you enjoyed our first part of City Moments of Travel destinations. Next week we will introduce you to the second biggest Dutch city Rotterdam in our Autumn City Moments of Rotterdam.

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