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A city like Rotterdam in the Netherlands is even more beautiful in autumn, when all the red, yellow and green autumn colors create a special atmosphere and calm surrounding. Perfect for our second Autumn City Moments Rotterdam from 2 weeks ago. While biking around the streets and parks of the Dutch city, the gay travelbloggers from and making plans for collaborations in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy the Autumn City Moments Rotterdam!

Rotterdam - beauty of South Holland

The time was right for a day in the second biggest Dutch city Rotterdam. It was not our first time here in South Holland, of course not. But this time we met the Dutch Gaytravelblogger Tom from He was our guide for a bycicle day tour around Rotterdam. Starting from the Main station (Dutch = Rotterdam Centraal) Tom guided us to his favorite city spots to capture our perfect Autumn City Moments Rotterdam.

From Rotterdam Centraal to Nameless Park

After leaving the bumping heart of Rotterdam around Rotterdam Central, we biked over the majestic Graaf Florisstraat with a roof of yellow leaves towards the Heemraadsplein watching swinging children in the sun light and goose at the riverside of the Heemraadssingel.


Old Part of Rotterdam with a view

Just a bit further we reached the Aelbrechtskolk, a canal surrounded by amazing old traditional architecture, old Dutsch fishing boats, drawbridges and windmills. A perfect spot of the city for some Autumn City Moments Rotterdam.

Het Park | Euromast Park | Nameless Park

In short biking distance we arrived at our next stop. Even today Rotterdam has a famous, beloved and nameless retreat which they call lovingly "The Park" (Dutch = Het Park) or Euromast Park. The warm October sun stood right above the treetops around noon when we walked around. In special sheltered spots under the shining yellow maples and lime trees Pop-Up caravans serving fresh coffee. Children playing with their dogs in the autumn leaves, birds enjoying the warmth.. Well, a truly magical place of cultivated park life.


autumn colors & Art in het Park

While wandering through the ntature of the "Dutch Indian Summer" we stumbled over the art piece "De Verloren Parel" (the lost perls) of the Dutch artist Madeleine Berkhemer. A good example how the Rotterdamers use their Park to integrate cultural life and art into nature. The huge white balls are a marvelous contrast to the intense colored trees and blue autumn sky of Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam - with a view

Our path guided us along the Parkkade towards the Nieuwe Maas for a stunning view over the Erasmusbrug, Katendrecht and the Kop van Zuid. A short walk along the Stichting Veerhaven Rotterdam over the Parklaan brought us back to our bikes at the Park. A beautiful day in a beautiful city with the right tour guide for Rotterdam.

Rotterdam - second of the Netherlands?!

If you are living in the Netherlands in one of the two biggest cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam or at least you have friends in both cities, you will learn quite quick about the competition that is going on between them. Of course everyone know about those fruity competitions in their own home country.  Which city has the best burgers, best nightlife, or simply the best way of life. Looking at the Dutch facts: Rotterdam in South Holland is the second biggest city of the Netherlands with Europe's biggest port area. It is known for a rich cultural life, modern architecture, art and design. Amsterdam in North Holland is the capital of the Netherlands, very international due to Europe's 4th biggest Airport Amsterdam Schiphol and the world famous Grachten. And here we come now:

GayTravelbloggers &

Tips from a gaytravelblogger to gaytravelblogger

Knowing this and knowing each other from blogging, Tom, Karl and Daan will start a collaboration to work for each others gaytravelblogs: and We will share our best tips, tricks and stories from very special places and experiences on our tours around the world. To start we will have a closer look to the gay life, theater, cultural and culinaric highlights of the Netherlands and our home cities!  The question we would like to answer: What is special, different or even better to enjoy in both cities, Rotterdam and Amsterdam?


Autumn City Moments Rotterdam

But it is all about you: so leave a comment or write an email to help us publishing even better articles on our blogs! And of course don't forget following us o our social media channels on: Facebook, on Twitter or on Instagram. We cannot wait to start our trip together and together with you!

Whats next on

Next will be a special about Berlin and its gay Volleyballtournament "Goldelsen Cup 2015". Or did you know there is a worldwide gay sport network? Read more about the gay international sport events in Berlin, Germany, Europe and the whole world.

And of course our next part of the Iceland Roadtrip is already in process! We cannot wait either!

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